• French of Syrian origin.
  • Fench Board of oto-rhino-laryngology, face and neck surgery (plastic & reconstructive) from French Medical Doctors Council ( Registration N° 11/2867).
  • French health professional number: RPPS 10005191795.
  • Qualified as consultant in plastic and reconstructive surgery ( head & neck) from Dubaï Health Authority (DHA), licence N° DHA- P0010808.
  • Qualified as consultant in ear, nose, and throat from Dubai Health Authority (DHA), licence N° DHA-P0010808.
  • Qualified in plastic and reconstructive surgery (head & neck) and in ear, nose, and throat from Dubai Health Care City (DHCC), licence N° MS1201-15.
  • Qualified in facial plastic surgery (DU) from Lyon university (France).
  • Qualified in facial fat, platelet rich plasma, stem cells, fillers and botox injection (DU) from Paris V university (France).
  • Qualified in facial reconstructive surgery (DU) from Bordeaux university (France).
  • Qualified in medical and surgical laser using (DU) from Montpellier university ( France).
  • Qualified in Ear surgery from International Portmann institute (Bordeaux-France).
  • Surgeon in French hospitals.
  • Member of French Medical Doctors Council.
  • Member of French Society of oto-rhino-laryngology, face and neck surgery.
  • Member of international Portmann society of otosurgery (Bordeaux-France).
  • Membre of Emirates Medical Association (plastic and reconstructive surgery & ENT).

Doctor Hani ABOU MAYALEH developed several surgical techniques and protocols. He carried out multiple researches in head, face and neck plastic and reconstructive surgery and in otorhinolaryngology, particularly in rhinoplasty (nose job). These techniques and research took part in the new rise of this specialty; they are published in French and English in the European and American reviews.